Sell Your Tennessee House As-Is, With No Stress, Hassles Or Fees!

We Buy Houses In Any Condition, No Matter Your Situation

Close On Your Timeline, And Get The Best Possible Price!

Receive An Offer For Your Home You Can Trust

Favor Home Solutions is a true cash home buying company because we only make offers that we can follow through with and actually make happen — unlike lots of so-called “home buyers”. Take us up on that… feel free to ask for a proof of funds, and we’d be happy to oblige.

When you reach out to us, you will likely get an offer for your home that very same day, but worst case, it will be with in 24 hours. We will present you with all viable home selling options, and our goal is to make this process as stress free, while putting the most cash we can in your pocket.

We Offer Cash Advances, Options & Flexibility Based on YOUR Needs!
Here’s how it works…

The Favor Home Solutions Promise

Fast & Easy

You’ll get a fair cash offer within 24 hours, we can close in 10 days or less, or we can close on the date of your choosing! You’re in complete control when you sell your house to Favor Home Solutions!

Pay Zero Fees Or Costs

We’re not agents… we aren’t listing your house on the MLS, but, rather, we’re buying it ourselves! That saves you those pesky realtor fees — plus we pay for all closing costs directly!

Any Condition, Any Situation

We buy houses regardless of the condition or the situation you’re facing. We’ve helped countless homeowners sell their home who were going through things like foreclosure, a divorce, code violations, inheritance and more!

People Love Us, And So Will You

No Seriously… Don’t Take Our Word For It. See What REAL People Have To Say About Selling Their House to Favor Home Solutions

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“Definitely Recommend”

Joslynn had a house that became a real headache… so much so that it caused her stress and anxiety just living in the home because she didn’t know what would go wrong next. She and her husband purchased it as a fixer-upper to make some Chip & Joanna Gaines magic happen… but they quickly realized it was a huge mistake…

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“Definitely Recommend”

Ami lived out of state, and she owned a house that she wanted to sell fast in Tennessee. We went through some delays caused by COVID-19, but we were able to work through them, provide a fair cash offer, and buy her house!

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“Definitely Recommend”

Steven owned a home in Memphis, TN, and was searching for an offer to sell fast for cash. He talked with other buyers until he reached out to us, and felt immediately that it was a great fit. After a meeting of the minds, we were able to close on his timeline, which was initially set for 90 days out, but when…

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“Definitely Recommend”

William bought a house and wanted to fix things up to sell it fast. Repairs got a bit more expensive than he bargained for, and he was just ready to be done with the property. We were able to work out a deal with William and provided him an offer to buy his house fast for cash, so he could move on.

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“Definitely Recommend”

Todd had a house he inherited, and was living in it for the time being. He needed to sell fast for cash, but other so-called ‘home buyers’ in his city essentially screwed him over. They did not follow through with what they said they were going to do. You can hear it right from Todd: Favor Home Solutions did exactly as promised to buy my house…

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“Definitely Recommend”

Favor Home Solutions purchased Arnita’s house in Nashville, Tennessee in a matter of just weeks! She Googled us as “We Buy Houses Nashville, Tennessee”, and she found us. She called and we were able to agree on a price in a matter of minutes! Favor Home Solutions paid for all the closing costs and delivered on our promise to buy your house fast with an amazing cash offer.

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“Definitely Recommend”

Joanna owned a house in Chattanooga, TN, that she attempted to fix up on her own, and it became a little too much for her. So she decided to sell. She gave us a call, and we were able to come to a meeting of the minds very quickly to provide her with a cash offer and buy her home.


We Can Buy Your Home
And Help In ANY Situation

With Favor Home Solutions, you can sell your house fast without having to worry about the condition of your home or the situation you may be facing because we buy houses regardless of the condition your house is in OR the situation you may be facing. 

We’re not here to judge. When you reach out, we want to listen to your story about what’s going on, see how we can help you, and give you clear action steps that’ll help de-stress the situation a bit (at least that’s what our goals are!)

Below is a short list of just some of the scenarios or situations we’ve helped folks through! So if you see what you’re going through listed below, there’s a pretty good chance we can help!


Inherited A House

Damaged House

through divorce


Behind On Mortgage

Late Property Taxes

Needs Repairs




House Isn't Selling

Loss of Income

Most Trusted Home Buying Company

How Do I Sell My House Fast

Selling your house is actually a lot easier than you may think! How do we make selling a home so easy in? Well, we eliminate the “middle man” (aka real estate agents & banks), and we don’t depend on appraisals or 3rd party approvals to buy houses. And remember, we NEVER waste your time with “Low-Ball” Offers.

Sell Your House In 3 Easy Steps…

Step 1

Just Answer A Few Questions About The Home You’re Wanting To Sell… Just The Basics!

Step 2

Once We See The House And Confirm Its Condition, We’ll Make You A Cash Offer On The Spot.

Step 3

You Pick When You Get Cash For Your House. Whether It’s In 2 Weeks Or 2 Months, We Can Work With You.

We Buy Houses Quick And Easy

Come see why so many homeowners work with Favor Home Solutions over listing with a real estate agent (hint hint… it’s because we save people thousands in fees & commissions 😉)

Traditional home sale

Average commissions

55 days

Average days to close a sale

5 - 25 showings

Average number of showings

2% - Paid by the seller

Who Pays Closing Costs?

Up to 9%

Seller Concessions

$1,500 - $50,000+

Repairs Needed To Sell Home


Average commissions

7-12 days

Average days to close a sale

1 showing

Average number of showings


Who Pays Closing Costs?


Seller Concessions

None - Sell "as-is"

Repairs Needed To Sell Home

There's Never A Need To Clean Or Make Repairs

We Buy Houses In As-Is Condition

we buy house in Mecklenburg County for cash

When you sell your house to us here at Favor Home Solutions, you never have to CLEAN or make REPAIRS to your home! It can be an enormous task to replace your carpets, get a dumpster to haul off unwanted items, and everything else in between. 

Take whatever belongings or items you want, and we’ll dispose of the rest so you don’t have to worry about it.

Junk in the attic or garage, old furniture, piles of trash inside or outside, broken floors, dirty carpet? 


We’ve seen it all from hoarders’ houses to ones that are falling apart because they need expensive structural repairs… long story short: we aren’t here to judge, but, rather, we’re here to help. Our home selling process is designed to make your life easy & STRESS FREE!!

Sell My House Fast For Cash

— Avoid the showings, commissions and stress of a traditional sale —

Instead of locking yourself into a 6 or 12 month contract with a realtor, why not get an offer from Favor Home Solutions first? We promise not to waste your time with a “low-ball” offer because we know how valuable your time is.

We work fast, only make offers we intend to follow through on, and the best part… Selling your house to us is 100% FREE & there’s No Obligation to accept our offer whatsoever.  You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose — call us today 615-956-2909

Top Rated
Home Buying Company

Don’t take it our word for it… hear it from real folks (like Josslyn, who’s pictured here with our CEO, Caleb) who’ve sold their house to us! Click any of those icons below from Google, Facebook or The Better Business Bureau (otherwise known as the BBB), and you’ll see our 5 star reviews across the board. Plus, you can watch testimony videos from real sellers to hear what they say (in case you’re not a big fan of reading… like me!!)

Get Cash For Your House

Any Condition

We buy houses in ANY Condition, regardless of how many repairs a house may need. Remember, this is what we do for a living! We’re passionate about taking old houses that need fixing up and making them look brand new again!

Any Situation

We will buy your house for cash no matter what situation you’re facing — Foreclosure, Liens or Back Taxes, Behind On Mortgage Payments, Code Violations… It Doesn’t Matter! We’ll still make you our BEST possible offer, so you have nothing to lose!

How To Sell My House For Cash

Have you been thinking: “I really want to sell my house for cash, but who can I trust?” Favor Home Solutions is your #1 trusted source for selling your house for cash! We absolutely love helping home owners who are going through a difficult or frustrating home owning situation by buying their house for cash in any condition!

Not only will we buy your house for cash, but we can also close on your timeline! Whether you want to close in 2 weeks or 2 months, Favor Home Solutions wants to buy your house for cash!

Get Your Cash Offer Today

Sell A House Without A Realtor

Let’s face it: realtor fees & commissions are thousands of dollars. Yeah, you might sell your house for “top dollar,” but after those pesky fees, commissions, closing costs, seller’s concessions and whatever else pops up, you’re probably out quite a bit of cash.Was It worth it? All that time, energy and effort… was it worth it? Well, when you sell your house to Favor Home Solutions, you’re not left with an open-ended question of “was it worth it?” When you sell your house in to us here at Favor Home Solutions, you don’t need a realtor! We pay cash for houses, and you never pay real estate agent fees or commissions! If you’re trying to sell your house without a realtor, give Favor Home Solutions a call today at 615-956-2909!

Best Way To Sell Your House Fast?

We treat people with respect and integrity throughout the entire home selling process. We know how stressful life gets, and we are here to hopefully be a bright shining light in the midst of chaos and stress. Sell Your House Fast & For Cash!

Buy My House

We’re a local home buying company. We’re going to meet you at your home, talk with you and find the best solution for you. We aren’t going to force your hand to benefit ourselves — we want to find the best solution for selling your home. We want to buy your house regardless of the condition it’s in, and you’re going to get a fair, cash offer for it! If you’ve been trying to figure out, “who can buy my house quickly,” then Favor Home Solutions is your answer! We’re experienced home buyers, so we’ve helped quite a few folks who were going through some sort of a stressful or difficult home owning situation— we can help you, too, by buying your house for cash! We are built on our integrity, so we will always be upfront and honest with you, regardless of what your situation is. We’re not just here to pay cash for your house, we’re here to walk alongside you, and help you through whatever you’re going through!

We Buy Houses

Companies That Buy Houses

Sometimes, finding the best home buying company isn’t exactly the easiest task in the world. You’ve got to try and establish who’s a real, legitimate company that’s been around for years, or who are the new, inexperienced companies who may not know everything— plus, they might not even be one of the companies that buy houses… they might try and off-load your house to someone else. We’re experienced home buyers, and we’ve been buying houses since 2016 under the Favor Home Solutions brand… our team has a combined 20+ years of real estate experience. If you need something else to convince you that we’re the best, check out our reviews & testimony videos! You can hear from REAL people about what the transaction was like when dealing with Favor Home Solutions!
Frequently Asked Questions
We have formulated a list of frequently asked questions so you can read through them. If your question is not listed please feel free to call us at 615-956-2909 or fill in the contact us form below, and we will try to answer any and all questions you may have.

Iconic Home Solutions started buying houses in North Carolina in 2011. Since then, we have expanded to buy houses fast for cash in nationwide! 


WE ARE NOT REAL ESTATE AGENTS… we are real cash home buyers!! It means we do not charge you fees or commissions to sell your house fast to us — it’s truly 100% FREE to sell your house fast for cash to Iconic Home Solutions! 


We never waste your time, and we provide the simplest and easiest process to sell your home – That’s our GUARANTEE! And if we are not the best fit to buy your house, we’ll be honest with you. Then, we will help connect you with the person or company that is the better fit in your home. Yes, we buy houses fast for cash, but we our mission is to help as many homeowners in our communities as we can. That’s who we are. That’s what we’ve been doing since 2011. 

Iconic Home Solutions: 

  • We do not charge fees or commissions when we buy your house… IT’S 100% FREE! 
  • We will buy your house on your timeline — whether it be immediately or a few months from now, we will develop a timeline that works for you. 
  • We buy houses As-Is. That means no need for you to fix anything or remodel or even clean. We will take your house off your hands as it is right now. 


A Real Estate Agent: 

  • Typically charges 3% of the house’s sales price as their commission, plus you are stuck paying another 3% for the buyer’s agent. 6% in total real estate fees can be a large chunk of the money you are supposed to get. Closing costs and other buying costs are then tacked on later. So, expect more out of your pocket. 
  • To sell a home, an agent typically wants to get it “market ready.” That means the aesthetics and functions of the home need to be as marketable as possible. As a result, do not be surprised to be requested to make upgrades, clean, and pay for repairs even before listing. 
  • An agent does not guarantee a closing date because all buyers that will be looking at your house during showings are using bank financing. That dependency requires time for inspections, appraisals, renegotiations, and uncertainties. In total, the process can take a minimum of 60 or longer, just to find the right buyer with the right financing. It is common to wait several months. 
  • Usually, a buyer who finds your house on the MLS will ask you to make repairs before closing. (That will be money out of your pocket.) They might also ask for Seller Concessions” For money toward closing costs, repairs, etc. This usually comes at the last minute and is unexpected (aka, more money out of your pocket). 
  • Sometimes selling with an agent is not for everyone. It is common for owners to go with a real estate agent simply out of convenience, like they are family, friends, or colleagues. However, it is also common to vet if they are the best in their field. Many are real estate agents part-time. Many also cannot guarantee a simple, smooth, and fast option that results in cash in your hand. 
  • First, one of our team members will answer the phone or give you a call after you fill out the form to ask basic questions about the home. 
  • Next, we will set an appointment to come to look at the home, OR we will ask you to send pictures or a video of the home. 
  • We’ll then identify what repairs need to be done and how much the house could sell on the open market. 
  • Based on that, we will present you with our cash offer. 
  • Our team is here to guide you at any time during the process and answer any questions.  


We will give you a call – AND THATS IT. We never distribute your information to anyone else. We take pride in helping owners in our neighborhood. So, we would never jeopardize that relationship by giving away or selling your information. 

We found giving homeowners options on how to sell their property immensely helpful. Though we primarily make cash offers to buy houses. Alternatively, we can discuss other ways to sell the home in what is called a creative offer. *  

  • If you own your property free and clear, we will make a seller financing offer where we would pay you some money down and make equal monthly payments to you.  
  • The other creative offer we make is we can take over your mortgage payments and give you some cash in hand at closing. 

* With creative offers, we can offer you more. The more time incorporated into the agreement, the more we can offer. For example, we can pay you more money over 5 years, broken into monthly payments, as opposed to paying cash fast in 2 weeks. 

With each option, we will explain in detail to help you make the best decision for yourself. Our goal is to make the selling process as easy and helpful as possible. 

Here is everything included in every offer we make: 

  • We pay 100% of the closing costs- making it 100% FREE to sell your house fast to us. 
  • Since we are not agents, there is no 3% or 6% commission. 
  • Flexibility- we can close on YOUR timeline/schedule. 
  • We’ll buy your house as-is. No remodel. No cleaning. Nothing is needed to sell to us. 
  • Our promise and commitment to making the process simple, easy, and fast. 

Nope!When you call us, fill out a form, or request an offer from us, you are never obligated to do anything at all. With our cash offer, you can take it or leave it. We are committed to providing the most value to our community no matter what. 

In-person appointments usually take 30-60 minutes. We will work around your schedule. We can be flexible around your schedulecoming over in the evenings or on weekends. However, do know that if you send us pictures the same day we chat, the faster we can get you a cash offer. We found sending pictures through text, email, or uploading them directly into our company folder is efficient for homeowners. 

1 person will come by. In some circumstances, another person, like a contractor or another team member may join. Either way, you will be notified of who exactly you can expect. 

Escrow” is a real estate term that describes third-party handling of funds, usually by a closing attorney or title company. You will enter Escrow once you decide to sell your house & enter into an agreement with us. 

Escrow” is an arrangement made between the buyer (Iconic Home Solutions) and the homeowner in which an independent, unbiased professional company handles the money. They can also handle documents, and other special assets needed to make the sale final. This is being done to protect all parties involved in the transaction. 

This third-party handling of funds is usually a closing attorney or title company. 

A typical transaction takes about 10-14 days to get everything in order. That includes, but is not limited to clear title search, ensuring the proper funds are present, documents are signed, etc. That is done to ensure a safe and smooth process for all parties. 

YOU GET TO CHOOSE THE CLOSING DATE!!We can work on your timeline. The usual timeframe people choose is about 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks), and the fastest we can get things done is approximately 10-14 days (which is generally how quickly the title company can get things done). There have been exceptions where it is done even faster. 

When you decide to sell your house to us, we will agree to a short, easy-to-understand 2-page contract, and that is it. In plain English, it states that you will be selling us your house. We try to make it as easy as possible and therefore, we do not hide anything. 

More paperwork is involved at closing, which is all handled by the title company. The number of documents depends on what each county, city, & state requires when you sell a home. Our process is fast, simple, and straightforward. 

ABSOLUTELY NOT! That is one of the main benefits of working with us. We buy homes in as-is condition. No repairs. No remodels. No cleaning.  

Moreover, if you need a cash advance to move or need help moving, let us know- we are more than happy to accommodate your needs. 

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Again, that is another main benefit of working with us. We take pride in making the process as simple and straight forward as possible for homeowners in our community. We will guide you through the process every step of the way, making everything 100% clear. 

We get asked this one a lot, and we always love answering! So, it depends on the house, the location, and what we have recently closed in on. Sometimes we buy a house for cash and keep it to add to our rental portfolio. Sometimes we buy a house and then sell it with owner financing to folks who cannot qualify for a bank loan but are tired of renting. Sometimes we rehab the house and sell it ourselves. 

Feel free to ask us during the transaction. Again, we take immense pride in being straight-forward and transparent. We also want what is best for our neighborhoods. 

The first thing we do with unwanted items is analyze what was left behind to see if any items are usable, in good condition, etc., to give to local charities or families who are in need.  

For other items that we cannot see someone else benefiting from, we discard them safely. 


We get asked this a lot, and we are glad to answer. Most cash home-buying companies are concerned about making a profit instead of helping people. Do not get us wrong, we are a business, and just like everyone else, we have to  feed our families too. 

Nonetheless, we have been helping communities for more than a decade. We genuinely care about the people we help. The offers we make and the strategy we have for the homes after closing always has the communities’ best interests in mind. We have always taken pride in helping homeowners, and we will always stand true to our mission. 

Each homeowner is different. Every house is different. But the end goal is the same – offer as much value to you and the communities we serve as possible. 

 Give us a call. We are confident that the Iconic Home Solutions difference will be evident on your first phone call with us!   

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